Combo of MyVitalC Longevity + Nootropic + Sleep Aid + Supplement MyVitalC ESS60 in MCT Oil, Organic Coconut Derived - 120ml

Combo of MyVitalC Longevity + Nootropic + Sleep Aid + Supplement MyVitalC ESS60 in MCT Oil, Organic Coconut Derived - 120ml

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  • SLEEP: According to the New York Times bestselling book “Why we Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams” by bestselling author Matthew Walker,most “sleep aids” you take “knock you out.” Because of this, they don’t allow you to get the REM and NREM sleep that is so important to your mental, physical and emotional health. Our product is so revolutionary our customers actually take it in the morning for optimal benefits.
  • STUDY FOCUS / NOOTROPIC: Are you studying, working a mentally challenging job or just need more mental focus? Remember that without proper sleep there is a demonstrable impact on your cognitive function. Mental acuity and enhanced focus are your goal when studying is a priority. The testimonials we get from our customers are AMAZING! Have you ever heard of a NOOTROPIC that you take in the morning and it gives you mental focus and energy during the day and allows you to sleep better that night?
  • The best MCT oils are 100% derived from coconuts. Store-bought MCT Oils come in a wide range of quality, clarity, manufacturing process and taste. Many use hexane to extract the greatest amount of financial value out of the product. Even worse many are made from Palm oils whose growth processes have a horrible reputation for damaging the environment and endangering animal species.
  • This C60 in organic MCT Oil starts with our purest form of SES Research human consumable C60, ESS60, and is continuously stirred for 3 weeks at room temperature in certified organic MCT oil entirely derived from coconuts. It is mixed in our research lab/production facility in small batches and tested daily to ensure the product reaches full saturation (~35mg/100ml).
  • FEEL THE BENEFITS OF THIS REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT - BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We are a US company and the largest manufacturer and distributor of ESS60 on the planet. Buy with confidence from the company who has been selling raw ingredients to research institutions around the world since 1991. The company whose material was used in the original peer-reviewed published study that reported a 90% increase in lifespan of test subjects. Those same test subjects also died healthier than the control group.

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