Aspen Bark - Botanical Extract

Aspen Bark - Botanical Extract

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Botanical Name: Populus adenopoda
Standardization: 4:1 from the dried bark

100% Pure, Certified Vegan, Certified Kosher

Aspen has always been a popular wood for building across North American and Asia, because of its resistance to insects and molds, and continues to be used in saunas. It is not only used as a preservative in cosmetics, but also for its skin smoothing properties. High in salicylate, Aspen Bark was used as a tea-like drink for coughs, and its leaves were used as poultices for sore joints.

Common Uses: A brown powder that is soluble in solutions of alcohol and water, it is an effective natural preservative that inhibits the growth of E. Coli, S. Aureus, B. Subtilis, P. Aeuruginosa, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Aflatoxins, and yeasts and molds. A tincture is made to add to the water phase of the product and used at 1.5 to 3.5%.

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