Easy Unisex Body Butter

Here’s a beautiful body butter you can whip up quickly for gift-giving, for anyone! This is especially good after tanning, and for dry skin in the wintertime.

Metric Ingredients Imperial
50 ml Beeswax or Castor Wax 3 T. + 1 t.
50 ml Cocoa Butter 3 T. + 1 t.
50 ml Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT) 3 T. + 1 t.
50 ml Mango Butter 3 T. + 1 t.
40 drops Frankincense EO 40 drops
60 drops Sweet Orange EO 50 drops

• Gently heat the butters with the wax and MCT until melted.
• Stir well, but gently and take off heat.
• When it just begins to cloud, add the Essential Oils and stir in.
• Pour into sterile jars, loosely cap and allow to sit undisturbed (4 hours if possible).
• Tighten caps and label.

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