Oils For Scar Tissue

It happens. Just as life happens. We all seem to have a scar we don’t like, some place on our body. Here is a recipe for a serum that has ingredients traditionally used to heal and fade scars.

Imperial Ingredients Metric
1 t. Calendula Oil 5 ml
1 t. Rosehip Oil 5 ml
1 t. Wheat Germ Oil 5 ml
6 drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil 6 drops
3 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil 3 drops

Measure the oils into a small sterile bottle, shaking after each addition. Apply to scar tissue (or crowsfeet) before bedtime. Scars will take time to fade, but this will help with that transition.

Note: Wheat Germ Oil is great for bruising on normal tissues, but if there are broken capillaries that have been around for longer than a month, or in the area of the scar tissue, use 3 t. / 15 ml of the Calendula Oil instead of the Rosehip and Wheat Germ oils, and apply daily. You should see improvement in about 3 months, if not sooner. Calendula is very good at strengthening the new growth of capillary tissues.

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