Old-Fashioned Rosewater & Glycerine

This is a recipe that has been much depended upon for many, many years. Our great-grandmothers could not leave the house without a hat and gloves, which were not only to enhance one’s charms. The ladies used this to soften their rough and damaged hands after the difficult chores demanded by Victorian housework, when caustic chemicals were just part of the day. This is still a favourite now, and a lighter product for summer use.

Metric Ingredients Imperial
125 ml Rose Water ½ c.
5 ml Glycerine 1 t.
  • In a sterile bottle, put the Rose Water with the Glycerine and shake well.
  • Test the lotion on your hands and face, and add another teaspoon if necessary.

Use as often as you wish, not only for a light hand lotion after chores, but as a facial cleanser as well. Just remember to shake before using!

Tip: For a gentle, old-fashioned Facial Toner, add 45 ml / 3 T. Witch Hazel to the lotion, with a few drops of Rose or Neroli 3% Dilution…heavenly!

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