Oil Cleansing Blend For Scarring

This is a heavenly blend of precious oils that will help with scarring and the fine lines around the eyes that begin to show in our prime. If facial discolouration is more of a concern than scarring, substitute Pracaxi Oil in the blend for the Rosehip Oil.

Metric Ingredients Imperial
85 ml Pumpkin Seed Oil ½ c.
15 ml Rosehip Oil 3 t.
40 – 60 drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil 40 – 60drops
  • Blend the oils and put them into a sterile bottle with dispensing pump.
  • Apply a few drops to clean hands, then massage gently into facial skin.
  • With a warm damp washcloth, gently blot away excess.
  • If desired, a drop or two may be applied around the eyes.

Tip: If extreme weather conditions have affected your complexion, apply to the corners of the mouth, sides of the nose, or cheekbones, wherever dryness or cracking may starts to occur.

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