Cucumber Cream

Need a quick cream? Here is one that is easy to make, looks lovely, and smells as good as it looks!

Imperial Ingredients Metric
4 T. Baby Lotion – Ultra Mild 60 ml
1 t. Tincture of Cucumber Botanical Extract 5 ml
1 drop Apple Green Natural Colourant 1 drop
3 drops Lavender Essential Oil 3 drops
2 drops Palma Rosa Essential Oil 2 drops
1 drop Rose Geranium 1 drop
2 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil 2 drops
  • Sterilize all equipment.
  • Put your mixing bowl on the scale, and tare your scale to zero.
  • Measure in the correct weight of your lotion base, then add the rest of the ingredients.
  • Mix together very well, then pour into sterile jars.
  • Cap and label.

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