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Massage Blend Oils

What are massage blends? Essential Oil blends are specific combinations of single-note Essential Oils blended together to achieve a specific aroma or benefit. Massage therapy oils come in various grades and can be made specifically to address almost any complaint. What are the benefits of using essential oils in massage? Essential Oils will enhance the benefit of the massage modality significantly. Essential Oils improve circulation, detoxification, lymphatic drainage and much more. The benefits of essential oils are well documented as is massage, so one can take advantage of both. Cautions: It is possible that these blends may cause sensitivities; their recommended use is in dilution (no more than 1 -3 drops for children, and 4-7 drops for an adult’s full-body...

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Extracts & Tinctures: What Are The Differences?

It’s good to know the difference between a tincture and an extract…hopefully the notes below will make that clearer, and more information is available from these sites on ratios and processes. From Richter’s A fluid extract (sometimes called liquid extract) is a more concentrated form of herbal medicine than a tincture. A fluid extract is made by combining one part herb with one part fluid, for example, 250 grams of herb to 250 ml. of alcohol. The ratio of fluid to herb for tinctures varies from 3:1 (i.e. 3 parts fluid to one part herb) to 8:1, depending on the herb. There is usually sediment in fluid extract bottles. The bottle must be shaken well to combine it with the...

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How To Make A Tincture Using Extracts

Alcohol Powdered extracts are most easily added to formulations by first dissolving the extract in a mixture of alcohol and water, then adding this tincture to your product. Not all extracts are completely soluble, however, so you may see some residue after it has been blended; if necessary, this can be removed by using a filter. A general rule of thumb is, if there is difficulty dissolving the powder, increase the percentage of alcohol. If using a glycerine menstruum, allow it to sit a few days. With water, simply filter. The MSDS will indicate if an extract is only partially soluble. Vodka which has an alcohol content of 40-50%, or another grain alcohol (such as alcool) can be used, but...

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